Membership in HAMG comes with numerous benefits, as well as baseline membership responsibilities we ask of you during your annual membership in order to make moms group a success!


  • Playgroups
  • Weekly meetings with optional childcare (12 months and older)
  • Member-only events
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Networking and community involvement
  • Socializing with fellow moms and their families
  • Mid-year and End of the year parties
  • Community service opportunities
  • Helping Hands Committee (meals for new moms)

Membership Dues

  • Yearly membership dues are collected at the time you join HAMG and will carry your membership for the full year. We do not have weekly meetings in the summer but we do maintain a summer calendar of events. The dues are $40 and are used to pay for general operating expenses such as meeting space, nursery supplies, website hosting & page management, postage, thank you notes, etc.
  • Did you find us later in our year? January or after? We will tell you about our prorated dues!
  • If you are concerned about the cost, please do not let that stop you! We have a fund set aside to help you
Weekly Meetings
  • Weekly meetings are one of the principal features of Hudson Area Moms Group. Meetings are held Friday mornings at 9:30-11:00 am, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, 712 Grandview Dr. in Hudson, WI.
  • A typical meeting includes announcements, introductions, snacks, socializing, and sometimes a guest speaker on a topic relevant to our membership.
  • Check in for meetings is from 9:15 - 9:30am to give everyone a chance to get their child(ren) into childcare (if using), and get refreshments. These meetings are open to all members. Childcare is available in the nursery rooms to provide supervision, games, and/or craft activities, and a snack for the children. Children are NOT required to be in the childcare rooms and are welcome to attend meetings and functions.
You may attend as many events as you like in a 2 week period before deciding to officially join Hudson Area Moms Group! We offer this so you can decide if we are the right group for you and your child/ren. To view our events visit our Public Facebook page: Hudson Area Moms Group. You can also send us a Facebook message if you would like to see a full months calendar. If you would like to join our moms group we ask that you pay the membership fee, then request to join the Hudson Area Moms Group (closed group) Facebook page.