Testimonials from HAMG Members

"I think HAMG is especially nice for new moms - moms with their first child, moms new to town, moms new to staying at home during the day - to not feel so isolated. Even just reading the facebook posts provides a bit of solidarity! As a new member myself, I have been impressed by the welcoming atmosphere you guys have created. Meetings don't feel exclusive or clique-ish at all."
~ Sarah

"I was new to the area and had a baby- HAMG helped me find friends for both myself and my son, as well as introduced me to a lot of fun and educational things for us to do in the Hudson area! I am so grateful to be part of such an amazing organization! smile emoticon."
~ Shannon

"Being a member is fantastic and I love the opportunities for social interaction for myself and my kids, but my most enjoyable times in the group are my experiences on committees and being on the executive board. Helping HAMG function, gaining leadership experience to put on the resumé, and feeling like I'm contributing to the group in a tangible way have been wonderfully rewarding endeavours."
~ Courtney

"It is a great place to meet friends for you and your children. You get to help out in the community, try new places, and learn new things! Very proud to be apart of HAMG!"
~ Talia

"HAMG is very welcoming, lots of different activities to appeal to different lifestyles, informative guest speakers, members get a lot of input into what's going on and how things are run, a real effort is made to include as many people as possible in each event and no "clique" feeling."
~ Ellen

"Everyone is very friendly and welcoming.You have support from other moms and a chance to have some adult conversation and make friends as well as learn more about Hudson and what the city has to offer. There are activities for the kids as well as much needed mom's nights out. Joining HAMG has really been a blessing in my life."
~ Nikki

"Moms group kinda saved me this morning. I was feeling so inadequate as a mom. It is such a relief to have dependable childcare workers. I'm also so thankful for all the wonderful tips I recieved today".