Executive Board

HAMG Board for 2017-2018

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President - Anna Lippert
1)  Preside and conduct meetings (weekly & monthly board meetings)
2)  Act as liason with the community and other organizations.
3)  Lead the board, scheduling board meetings and helping to make decisions for the group.

About Anna:
I'm Anna and I'm President of the board this year. I've been in HAMG since my first son was born in 2014 and last year I served on the Programming and Party Planning committees. My older son Ari is 3 and my younger son Soren is 1. I've lived here since 2009 but we moved to MN in 2015 for my husband's new job. We missed Hudson so much that we moved back a year later! As a family, we enjoy playing outside, making music, and spending time with our extended families.


Administrative Vice Presidents - Tara Buege
1)  Coordinate childcare at weekly meetings.
2)  Assist the President and assume her duties when she is not available.

About Tara:
I'm Tara Buege (pronounced big E) I was born and raised in Hudson and recently moved back home after living a few years in the Milwaukee & Eau Claire area. Currently I stay home, before that I spent six years teaching first grade and I'm really looking forward to working with the HAMG childcare as the Administrator VP. 
Eleven years ago I married my high school sweet heart, Chris and we have two daughters- Evelyn (5) and Miriam (2). We are also expecting a little boy this December.


Membership Vice President -  Jenny Loew
1)  Publicize the group in the community through events, newspapers, announcements, etc.
Work with prospective and new members to answer questions, have info they need, and make them feel welcome.

About Jenny:
I'm Jenny! I've lived in Hudson for 7 years (but only really participated in the community the last 3 years since being a part of HAMG) and LOVE it here even though me and my hubs grew up in MN (and are super viks fans...well he is at least)! We have two girls, Lily (2) and Lucy (4). I'm portrait photographer and a SAHM! I wish every meal I ate was brunch and my fav day of the week is SUNDAY FUNDAY. I used to want to be a wedding planner b/c I was always drawn to details and hospitality; I still find myself naturally gravitating toward all things hospitality! I have a unexplained love for office supplies and paper goods. I don't like running but my chosen sport in HS and college was Track & field and still hold my school long jump record jumping 18'6"!

Treasurers - Karyn English
1)  Responsible for all group funds and depositing them in a bank account set up for HAMG.
2)  Maintain financial records of the group and have them available for review by all members.
3)  Provide an annual budget.
4)  Receive and legally disburse any funds as directed by the board in accordance with the bylaws.

About Karyn:
Karyn is a single mom to a toddler and an accounting student at UWRF. She has served on the speaker, service, and programming committees over the last three years and is now the treasurer of the board. She's an expert eye roller and a unapologetic nerd.


Secretary - Larisa Smith
1)   Prepare any correspondence necessary for the group.
2)  Take minutes of new business at weekly meetings, board meetings, and any other meetings when necessary. These minutes shall be posted online.

About Larisa:
I'm Larisa Smith, Secretary for the second year in a row. As of this summer, we have lived in Hudson for 2 years. I lived in Indiana for 26 years before that. I currently work at home as a Travel Agent and take care of my son, Alex, who will turn 4 this Fall. I was so thankful to find this group of wonderful moms here in my new home town.

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